Coming back from a recent trip to Chicago, our flight from Midway took an unexpected fly-by of downtown from out over Lake Michigan. To top that off, at the end of the flight, I got a great birds-eye view of downtown Minneapolis.

Music: Secede - The King of Sanda.

4/16/09 @ 2PM CST: Swapped out the music and shortened the video slighty. Also ran SmoothCam on a couple sections of the video that needing some stabilization.

4/14/09 @ 2AM CST: New version uploaded - I'm realizing that I will likely not get it looking any better at this point tonight, so I'm leaving it as is.

4/14/09 @ 1AM CST: Unsatisfied with initial upload quality - working on uploading a new version that has been downsampled with higher quality.

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