Winner 2013 Best Experimental Feature | Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Winner 2013 Canada International Film Festival ROYAL REEL AWARD

In the fall of 2011, over Halloween weekend, we shot a full feature remake of The Wizard of Oz. The idea came to me from showing classic films to my first daughter, Jane. I was reminded of how, when I was her age, I didn't know the difference between reality and fiction. To me, a film didn't need to be made, it was a world that existed beyond the screen. This idea influenced my life so much so that I became a filmmaker, bringing movies to life, and turning my life into movies. Watching Jane get so connected to the story of the Wizard of Oz, a story that is very much about the power of imagination, and the thin line between life and fiction, I turned to my own world and noticed that my dream of having a production studio, with all of the toys and talent that comes with it, had actually come true. NOMAD Nation is such a place, with the means and resources to turn any story into something real. That is why we remade Jane's favorite film, because we could.

The NOMADS of OZ, a NOMAD Industries production
Original idea by Jason Rodi adapted from the L. Frank Baum story and the MGM musical.
Written, Directed, and Edited by Jason Rodi
Produced by Jason Rodi and Victorine Sentilhes
Original Music by Erik West Millette and Pierre Philippe Côté as Scarecrow

With Jane Rodi as young Dorothy
Melanie Elliott as Dorothy
Geneviève Boivin Roussy as The Witch
Jason Gillingham as Toto
Pierre Philippe Côté as Scarecrow
Glen Lemesurier as Tinman
Pierre Luc Schetagne as Lion
Jason Rodi as The Wizard

Hangover Lobsters as The Flying Monkeys
Erik West Millette
Olaf Gundel
Vincent Letarte
Lucas Paris

Emerald City Dancers: Human Playground
Milan Gervais
Louliko Shibao
Alejandro Deleon
Jessica Serli
Kelly Keenan
David Albert-Toth
Rosalie Famelart
Elise Bergeron
Nicolas Labelle
Harmonie Fortin-Léveillé

Emerald City Musicians: Coyote Bill
Guitare électrique: Olivier Bélisle
Basse électrique: Hugo Chaput
Batterie & Percussions: Benjamin Vigneault
Piano & Claviers: Martin Lizotte
Trompette: David Carbonneau
Trombonne: Mathieu Van Vliet
Sax Alto: Mario Allard
Sax Baryton: Jean-François Ouellet
Sax Baryton & Tenor: Charles Papasoff

Costume Designer & Lead Tap Dancer: Jason Noël

Munchkins: The Nomads
Nicolas Venne
Will Allen
Eric Bolduc
Florian Brucker
Rafael Hart
Sylvain Lavoie
Sharif Mirshak
Nicolas Rioux
Noé Sardet
Victorine Sentilhes
Jean Marc Abela

Soldiers: Les Guerriers du Mont-Royal
Yohann-Mickaël Fiset
Félix Quenneville
Myriam Poiré-Hamel
Alexy Fiset Charest
Ulrick Noiseux Girard
Jonathan Picard
Amanda Brunet Piercey

Cameras et éclairage
Nicolas Venne
Jean Marc Abela
Will Allen
Eric Bolduc
Florian Brucker
Marc Milot
Sharif Mirshak
Christian Pomerleau
Santiago Ruiz Torres
Noe Sardet
Jason Rodi

Directrice de production, régisseure de plateau data wrangling: Victorine Sentilhes
Assistant à la réalisation: Rafael Hart
Photographe de plateau: Stéphane Cocke
Sound Recording: Pierre Philippe Côté, Nicolas Rioux, Victorine Sentilhes
Perchiste: Sylvain Lavoie
Directrice artistique: Melanie Elliott
Chef costumier et accesoiriste de plateau: Jason Noel

Accessoiristes de plateau: Jason Noel
Maquillage et coifure: Rouge Art et Jason Noel

Chef éclairagiste: Sharif Mirshak
Chef machiniste & prop master: Sylvain Lavoie

Catering by Sonia Belgaïd and Fanny Nguyen

Crédits chorégraphiques concernant la séquence de l'audition
Adapted Choreography from Useless Creatures by Kelly Keenaan & Kira Kirsch

Crédits chorégraphiques concernant la séquence de danse des marins
Adapted Choreography by Alejandro Deleon

Sound Design & ADR: Mike Di Sclafani

Animation (Wizard scene & Rainbow): Sindre Ulvik Péladeau
Animation 3D (Spectacles): Greg Barth

Coloring: Julien Alix, Postmoderne

Shot on location at NOMAD Nation

produit grâce à la participation de
Human Playground
Fabulous Flavors
Paraître Inc

merci à
Alexandre Domingue, Post Moderne
Olivier Martineau
Véronique Dussault
Simon Alain
Kyril Dubé

Un merci spécial à Corinne Lalande Markon

© 2012 All rights reserved, NOMAD Industries

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