I made this tribute for Memorial Day 2007.

"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportinal as to how they perceive the Veterans of Earlier Wars were Treated and Appreciated by their Nation." --George Washington--

The speech, 'Why Are You Marching Son' was written by John Mitchum and spoken by John Wayne. (Courtesy of militarysalute.proboards.com)

Pictures and Taps courtesy of: ww2incolor.com & home.ptd.net I apologize that the scenes could not match what was being said by Mr. Wayne but the limitations of 'The Movies' couldn't be helped. Finding pictures worthy of being used was also very hard. Please keep that in mind while viewing.

I served in the United States Marince Corps for 13 1/2 years before being medically discharged for injuries I suffered on active duty. I served in the Persian Gulf, was a CrewChief on Marine One (Presidential Helicopter) and had a few additional tours overseas. I have lost friends I served with while I was on active duty. This movie is for them, all those who served before me, those currently serving and for those yet to serve.

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