Hungry for the future? How about a burrito? The Burritob0t™ 3D prints an edible extrusion of configurable Mexican food employing a hybrid of digital fabrication and molecular gastronomy. It’s digital gastronomy for the hungry masses.

This is a video draft the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign slated for July.

Burritob0t,, is a 3D printer that prepares edible burritos within minutes.

Burritob0t invites critical questions about the food we regularly consume, particularly in regards to fast food (labor practices, environmental consequences, nutritional value). Mexican fast food is emblematic of the assembly line: it is mass-produced in an era of modern consumables, appropriating a false authenticity. Burritob0t, in turn, aims to encourage dialogue about how and where our food is grown, methods of production, environmental impact, cultural appropriation, and, perhaps most importantly: what our food means to us.


Camera by Jeff Howard
Stop Motion by Jeff Howard and Marko Manriquez
Editing by Felisia Tandiono

Music - Lucky Dragons "Givers" (Dream Island Laughing Language)

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