minimalistic synaesthetic audio-light performance by Jiri Suchanek (cz)

Custom created 7 RGB led lamps placed on a stage are synced with synthesizer sounds.
Each lamp represents one note in octave in a selected scale.
Each basic color is connected with basic synth sound.
R G B = saw tri sine
My Max/msp patch written for this project use the same envelopes for RGB lights and saw/tri/sine sounds. ( only reverb stretches the sound length compared to the light little bit...)
Melodic synth lines are played completely live with MIDI controller. None prepared melodies are used.
Other background glitch rhythmical and acoustic structures are not connected with light yet. Dark parts...

This project is realization of my vision and conception of live-electronic music connected with lights.

The video was shot 28.3.2012 during TRIAL 3 event at 4AM, Brno, Czech republic.


Feel free to contact me for any questions or possible collaboration.

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