With the move into its new US headquarters
in Times Square, Reuters wanted to communicate
its brand to the public. ESI worked with the
company’s brand managers to establish two key
messages for the signage system: the global reach
of Reuters and the immediacy of its content. An
important challenge of the project was to create
a sign that stood out in the media explosion
of Times Square, both visually and as a symbol
of technical innovation.

ESI designed the sign – spanning 22 floors and
supported by a system of over two-dozen computers
– to illustrate the speed, breadth and volume of
the Reuters newsgathering network. A metaphorical
flipbook of the day’s news, the sign provides a fully
automated and almost instantaneous display of
news from around the world. For example, within
minutes, a photo or video-clip taken in Tokyo can
be seen by a pedestrian on the corner of Broadway
and 43rd Street.

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