The Tech Field Day Virtual Symposium with Brocade moves to a discussion of multi-path and multi-chassis Ethernet fabric technology. Joining Chip Copper, Principal Engineer at Brocade, are Josh O'Brien, Tony Bourke, Greg Ferro, and Ivan Pepelnjak. This Virtual Symposium is a co-production of Tech Field Day and Packet Pushers.

Join a panel of networking heavyweights as they discuss multi-chassis architecture such (Brocade VCS) and contrast it to multi-pathing technology (TRILL). The discussion touches on the following points:
- How TRILL fabrics do multi-path and where it really works
- What link-state routing protocol to use (Routing Bridges, IS-IS, FSPF)
- Is interoperability and standardization (Fabric Path, VCS) a red herring?
- An extensive whiteboard demonstration of load balancing across multiple links with aggregation groups - traditional Ethernet LACP/Port Channels per-flow vs. Brocade per-frame link aggregation
- Further whiteboard discussion of scalability and standards-compliance of multi-chassis technology

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