|| Women are on their way to becoming breadwinners in a majority of American families. Almost 40 percent of working wives out-earn their partners, a number that has been rising for more than two decades. The reasons are myriad: our changing economy favors educated workers, and nearly 60 percent of college students are female. Women take the majority of masters and doctorates. In the workplace, discriminatory barriers are falling. So how will women’s economic power affect their personal lives? How will it impact men? In a provocative talk that draws on statistics, social research and compelling personal stories, Liza Mundy argues that, while there will be growing pains for both men and women, in the end women’s rising economic power bodes well for both sexes, offering a range of new possibilities and more flexible roles. She explores the impact on dating, marriage, sex, children, and family life, with fascinating anecdotes gleaned from interviews around the country, as well as Europe and Asia. She asks provocative questions about how it will all play out: At what point will a majority of working wives out-earn husbands? Will men catch up? Will women back down? Who will feel most unsettled; who will feel most rewarded? Will young women be willing to assume the lifelong role of primary earner? She argues that for women, having supportive partners and stay-at-home husbands may be what it takes to break through the glass ceiling and inhabit the highest reaches of corporate life. Learn more:

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