Choreography by Jochen Stechmann, supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam

An interactive flag language course for the audience- Work in Progress

This choreography for three dancers is constructed around the communication technique of flag semaphore dating back to the 17th century. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by the position of two hand-held flags.

How can we use signals to position ourselves? How are we positioned by signals? How does the use of a strict form provide us with freedom? How can our desire to communicate enable us to occupy spaces? Do we need to be understood in order to make ourselves clear?

Nowadays, the expression of an individual desire to communicate has become a key factor in the formation of identity. What we post and read on facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is widely received as an approximate representation of ‘who’ we are. In investigating the semaphore language we can gain insight into how these mechanisms function. Signs are investigating the frictions and interferences between movements, significations, language and readability

“This performance is the perfect proof for the fact that it is not really of such importance WHAT we say. What is of importance is HOW we say it” (audience reaction)

concept and direction: Jochen Stechmann
performance: Robin Berkelmans, Luc Van Esch, Jochen Stechmann
artistic coach: Suzy Blok
production: Dansmakers Amsterdam

Performed at Makers Intensive Dansmakers Amsterdam 2012

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