This is a movie about a man who is watching the world with his anamorphic eyes.
I just received from repair my CINE lens SLR MAGIC 50mm T 0.95 lens. I had trouble with the first prototype, now I have the last concept lens, ready for mass production.
This movie is a mix editing between "standard" shot with the SLR CINE lens 50mm T 0.95, and anamorphic shots with this lens and the baby Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X fix on it.

GH2 mix 24P/720P on 24P sequence / no hack
SLR MAgic CINE lens 50mm T 0.95
Baby Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X lens
F clamp
Editing and CC with Colorista on Premiere CS5
apertures :
"standard" shot from T 0.95 to T 5.6
"anamorphic" shot around T 4
both with with ND variable filter L.C.W

Director / D.O.P / editor : Seb Farges
B Cam : Ame Graphic
Music : Death in Vegas "Dirge"

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