Premiered March 30, 2012 by the National Children's Chorus at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, CA, Luke McEndarfer, conductor.

I came across Christana Rosetti’s Sing-Song during my last year at the Manhattan School of Music and fell instantly in love with this eclectic collection of nursery rhymes. Ideas started flowing immediately, but under a barrage of senior projects and graduate school applications, I knew I needed to wait to give these poems the focus they deserved.

In the Spring, when the smoke started to clear, I began work in earnest on ‘Till Daybreak. I took my time, painstakingly crafting each line, each harmony, working to reflect in music the sentimentality, humor, and timelessness of Rosetti’s words. ‘Till Daybreak was completed in May, 2011 and, while no performance was scheduled, I remained confident the piece would get its chance.

‘Till Daybreak is bookended by the ‘Lullaby’, presented exactly the same in introduction and in conclusion. In between, the piece proceeds through nine short movements, often featuring soloists from within the chorus. From the ‘March’, a musical joke, to the somber and melancholy ‘Aria’, to the hauntingly sentimental ‘The Days are Clear’, each movement contains its own unique sound-world. The music strays on ever-more distant paths until the return of the ‘Lullaby’ which, taking on a different role now, serves as a reminiscence of where we started.

Thank you to Luke McEndarfer and the National Children’s Chorus for giving ‘Till Daybreak its premiere performance. This talented group has truly seized taken up the work as their own - a humbling experience for any composer. Thank you to Ian Krouse, who introduced me to the NCC, and to Richard Danielpour, who first pointed me towards Rosetti, and for whom ‘Till Daybreak is dedicated.

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