In those with only a cursory knowledge of the South Sound, you'll find the usual prevailing stereotype that Tacoma plays a (pungent) second fiddle to Seattle and Portland—that culturally, it's nothing more than a slowdown on the I-5 corridor. Thank goodness for those who believe otherwise, for those who know our progressively-minded city has much more going than sometimes meets the eye. Great art and cultural dialogue and emerging new identities bubble just below the surface. Tucked away in plain sight.

Enter the rich and revolutionary exhibition "HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture" into the city's artistic landscape. That's right—you won't find it occupying the revered sleekness of LACMA or SFMOMA. You'll find it here at Tacoma Art Museum—at least until June 10th.

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HIDE/SEEK exhibition by
Tacoma Art Museum

"Oceanviews" by
Atlas Sound

shot + edited by
The Art Dept.

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