A sad and lonely cowgirl asks, "What's your story?" triggering a series of events across time, nations, genres and language in this promo for the 2012 Sydney Film Festival.
I was VFX Supervisor for this shoot, whose colourful set design - and endtag animation - carry over from the SFF poster art created by Sydney agency Boccalatte. As the poster features portrait photographs of 25 archetypal film "characters" lit with vibrantly coloured gels, the setup for the TVC required a similar treatment.

I animated the endtag in AE in a cascade of colour that not only emphasises the infinite nature of these stories, but echoes the motion of celluloid film through a projector, as the photos stream though space towards the all-encompassing SFF cube device.
As well as this, I used Flame to emphasise the motion of the camera move, blended 7 grade passes and added lighting effects to highlight each character, and augmented the zombie - just a little.

The result is a promo that represents the broad audience base of the Festival - an annual favourite with Sydney-siders - as well as the diversity of films screened.

“With the trailer we tried to mash up as many stories across as many genres as possible, each linking one to the next as though it’s a conversation in Chinese whispers, or like the Dadaists’ 'Exquisite Corpse'. It’s an absolute visual cacophony, a celebration of the huge mixture of stories being told at the festival this year."
Scott Otto Anderson, Director

"This kaleidoscopic cornucopia of colour and movement is impossible to ignore and puts smiles on faces immediately. It's fun, it's filmic and it will help us be noticed and stay noticed."
Craig Donarski, Marketing Manager, Sydney Film Festival

Featured on:
Australian Creative Magazine (scottgeersen.com/sffaustcreative)
Campaign Brief (scottgeersen.com/sffcampaign)

Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Producer: Oliver Lawrance
DOP: Simon Ozolins
Editor: Joseph Morris
Colourist: Scott Maclean
VFX Supervisor / Flame: Scott Geersen
Nuke: Genevieve Serna
Production Company: Photoplay FIlms
Producer: Sarah Brown

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