Transition (passage) is often described as a process of transformation from one state (place) to another.

I experience transformation as an on-going process, which reminds me of a river in constant flow. Change can be visual from the outside; however there is also an aspect of invisibility that remains present beneath the surface of the water.

One drop of water represents the whole and encapsulates the journey of the river. The one who is able to recognize its essence, will hear the story of the river.

This is also true, when we start wondering about the richness of one's own life experience.

I once overheard Satish Kumar saying to a fellow student: “The phrase, that every artist is a special person, is not complete. Always remember, inside every person is a special artist. You are a special artist too.”

My personal journey of transition speaks through different projects and ways of expression I have embraced during my learning journey at Schumacher College.

I believe there is a dormant artist, waiting to be expressed in a unique way, in every one of us. Unfortunately, the influences of the industrial world are not the most supportive towards activities, which nurture development of uniqueness and creativity.

Expression of creativity is embedded in every cell of nature’s creation. Being aware, that we are a part of nature and being in touch with the nature is how we begin to reconnect the dots.

My transition journey continues being an on-going process. As a demonstration I have captured a flow of thoughts through fusion of words, images and sound.

The story of creative project reveals my set of values. They can be seen through images I have captured while engaging with the nature and its enchanting beauty. It can also be seen through the balanced harmonious way of living, while being a part of the surrounding environment and noticing the presence of other sentient beings, beside humans. It reveals my awareness of man-made world, while being conscious in maintaining a healthy balance.

It also points out to the importance of how I choose to engage my thoughts and the qualities I value most. These are only few of the underlying values; I will leave the rest to the perception of the viewer.

Management of our home (economy) begins to improve when we become more present and aware of the surrounding environment and when we carefully examine the consequences of our actions.

Being in state of presence; we start engaging in life with wisdom and begin co-creating the world of so called low carbon footprint economy with higher resilience.

I will continue my journey in such a state of being and engage in thoughts, conversations and actions that support the new paradigm, while contributing towards awareness raising through harmony of art, visual media, written word and sound.

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