Footwork Inversion, HD Video, 18:02min, 2012
excerpt 6:18min

Film Selene States
Performed by Ellen Stantchew, David Warwick
Camera Hektor Kowalski
Production Assistant Asia Bas
Technical Support Saul Albert

The video "Footwork Inversion" shows two dancers partnered in swing choreography, performing improvised variations of 1920's and 1940's Charleston and lindy hop.

The work is shown in conjunction with Swing Shoe Shop, where the spectacle of disarmed museum visitors caught up in a frenzy of nostalgic desire as they try on dance shoes is accompanied by Footwork Inversion as a floor projection of animated dance-step notation. Shot through an opaque glass floor, the video Footwork Inversion traces the fleeting impressions of two dancers’ footwork, their bodies suspended as still fainter silhouettes. The choreographic video captures something other than just the inherent symbol of dance’s impermanence: within the controlled ergonomics of the museum, the video takes on an instructive and didactic function, showing the guests how to use their ‘new’ shoes, and informing pedestrian circulation throughout the gallery. Similarly, during the opening and closing events of the exhibition, the customer flow around the shoe shop is rationalized through a swing dance lesson.

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