"Be watched, Be exposed" is an interactive installation, which is based on
my own experience. I am extremely sensitive to noise; I get very upset when I
hear loud noises while I am in sitting in a quiet place. Especially, if someone is
talking or chatting very loudly in a museum or gallery, or any public place,
which is meant to be quiet.
In my project, the users are able to use the volume of their voices to turn
seven bulbs on or off. I asked seven people whose personalities are similar to
mine, and who have had the same experiences, if I could record one of their
eyes for 30minutes as they stared directly into the camera. In my installation, I
project the footage that I had recorded of the seven eyes onto the seven bulbs,
which are hanging horizontally from the ceiling. The reason I used bulbs as
part of my installation is because they represent the spotlight. It is as if the
paparazzi is following you when you are talking loudly. Inside of the room, the
environment is a little bit dark. As mentioned before, there are seven bulbs
hanging horizontal from the ceiling. The users can use the volume of their
voices to trigger or turn each bulb' on or off. If the volume is very loud, all
seven bulbs will turn on, and the users will see seven different eyes watching
them. If the volume is low, the bulbs will turn off one by one until there is no
sound, and the bulbs have all been turned off.
The title, "Be watched, Be exposed," represents the moment when the user
goes into the room; they immediately have an uncanny feeling when they speak
too loud that all of the eyes, which looks very 'freaky' in the dark, are watching
I used Max/Msp to program the code, which is used to trigger the projection
onto the bulbs. This allows the users to see the projections on the bulbs as they
are being turned on and off by the volume of the voices.

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