I had the great pleasure to collaborate with SR Partners, and the audio gurus of Box of Toys in the design of various aspects of the brand new Lionhead game, Fable: The Journey.

The idea was to create a two hand Kinect-based combat system. Mixing spells and elements with your hands is at the core of the game, so we provided different ideas for the weapons look and feel and some of the basic interaction ideas between elements. They were keen about the idea of moving away from the traditional game "magic effects".

I designed a two hand combat system in which you mix mechanical and organic elements to engage and kill your enemies.
The design didn't fully make into the game, but the whip-and-slash element actually did it, which was a great pleasure.

Box of Toys provided an incredible monoaural audio track for the animations.
Thanks to everyone who was involved in this, it was a blast.

Copyright owners: Microsoft Studios'


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