The Book of Baphomet - due for release at Lammas 2012 by Mandrake of Oxford. By Nikki Wyrd & Julian Vayne.

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“An excellent read, consisting as it does of such a wealth of information, research, anecdote, experience and vision” Peter J Carroll

“It is a very fine book, in which your two voices form a harmonious whole, and which manages to interweave cosmology, history, science, autobiography and drugs in a very effective way which probably nobody else could have managed.” Prof. Ronald Hutton

“I have finished the book and found nothing I would object to. It is most excellent. The so-called Occult world is full of really bad books that are a sad waste of trees. Yours shines amongst this dross.” Ian Read

“Altered state of consciousness just reading it…” Alistair Livingston

“A fascinating, poetic revisioning of the concept of deity for the 21st century” Levannah Morgan

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