There is a place, not too far away.
Lost in time,
but it hasn't lost its way.

Everyday the same dance is done,
The Hunters and the Hunted,
Lions of the Sea soaking up the sun,

Woolly Mammoths still sway,
Yes, not much changes here,
And well, they like it that way,

So imagine their surprise,
When early one morning,
A big wooden box arrived.



Thanks to the Royal BC Museum. It truly is Awesome.

Written and Directed by / Scotty Carlson
Director of Photography / Derek Frankowski
Assistant Director / Rob Sulman
Executive Producer / David Alexander
Narration by / Rob Sulman
Edited by / Derek Frankowski
Visual FX / Manuel Silva
Original Score by / Seb Taylor
Sound Design / Mix / Keith White
Music Services provided by / Androo Mitchell
Narration recorded at / High Lonesome Recordings
Narration recorded by / Graham Tracey
Production Assistance by / Eric Espig

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