Here are Captain Jorne's Words for the day:

Racing to Portsmouth.

In the tradition of the clipper ships, Tres Hombres is racing to reach Portsmouth before the 19th of May. Rumors go that the crew, like in the old days, will be rewarded with a bonus, when reaching the port of destination in time! Currently all sails are set and our vessel is ghosting along with 4 knots in light airs. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to veer to the West and later on, become a strong breeze! Which will prove spectacular sailing!

Our crew and me will do everything to push the ship in before the 19th. And although we are not racing against a real competitor, like back in the days, when Cutty Sark and Thermopylae brought back the tea from china, it does feel like a race. As a matter of fact, next to our cargo of Grenada Chocolate, we have a small amount of tea, from the Azores, in the hold. This might be the first tea in over a century to be brought to the UK with a square rig sailing ship, in the style of the clipper ships.

So as it used to be in the past, also now, we are open for any bids on this tea*. The highest bidder might find himself in the possession of the first tea brought in by sailing ship, not of the year, no of over 100 years (and in those days it was a common knowledge that tea brought by sailing vessel, tasted way better, than the same product brought in by mechanical propulsion)!

It is about 125 years ago, that the last sailing ship packet line across the Atlantic ocean, closed its service. I believe this was the ... sparrow line (but I must admit there is no wikipedia at sea here). Since two years the clipper brigantine Tres Hombres has brought back this service. The Tres Hombres is the smallest officially classed and registered cargo ship to cross the Atlantic ocean on a regular basis. As a matter of fact it might be the smallest cargo ship which is officially surveyed under the rules of SOLAS (Safety of life at sea) and certified with cargoship safety certificates and all the other nescessary paperwork. For sure the only cargo ship, on this service, entirely without means of mechanic propulsion.

Apart from the nicest chocolate in the world, the ship has carried and carries a load of other fine freight. What to think of the biological olive oil: Alfandagh, from Portugal. Stockfish and wood from Norway. Food for the world food program to Haďti. The finest wine from France and Portugal. And currently, next to the chocolate, but already for the third year in row the worlds only fair transported Tres Hombres rum from the Dominican republic.

While we are sailing here on the Atlantic, with a strong breeze seven points off the nose, I can not help, not to think about a future (sooner than we might think) where all transport over sea will be by winddriven or at least sail assisted vessels. This, out of economic necessity, we see now already appearing in between Grenada and Cariacou...

First a bit of chocolate... and then, back on deck, to face the grim waves and spray of the North Atlantic again. Ahoy from a proud master of the fine ship Tres Hombres. Sailing along, the leedeck frequently awash and the full topsail still standing.


Captain Jorne Langelaan

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