In the Mopti region of Mali which lies in the Sahel region of West Africa villages are faced with problems resulting from deforestation and land degradation. In response to this several NGOs have been working together to raise awareness of a proven method which regenerates the land to be productive and full of resources.

The population of Ende have created an institution called Le Barahogon. Over the past 10 years they have been developing a strategy to regenerate land allowing them to grow trees while using it to grow important crops such as millet. In order for the scheme to work well, the whole population must respect the rules.

A 15 minute film has been made with local people (from villages of Horé Guendé and Endé) to illustrate the issues and give practical advice on "how to do" farmer managed natural regeneration. The film is available on DVD and VHS in four language versions so it is widely available to local people. (Voiceover in Peulo, and Bamanan, original recording (Peul, Dogon, Bamanan) with French subtitles, Voiceover in Bamanan with English subtitles.)

In this film, villagers from Horé Guendé go to see with their own eyes how people living in Endé are managing their land in a very impressive way. They go to learn about the regeneration techniques used by the Barahogon.

The film goes on to explain about the practical techniques the population of Ende use to achieve such impressive results.

A radio programme (based on the film) has also been recorded in 2 language versions (Bamanan and Peul). And finally, a seven page A5 format colour brochure (based on the video) has been published in three language versions (French, Peul, Bamanan).

The project is using successful experience of farmer managed natural regeneration as a case study and letting the farmers involved communicate directly to other farmers and in their own words. Highlighting the need for good governance (laws, bylaws) as well as promoting good tree management techniques is also an innovation in Mali.

Farming communities over 5 districts in Mopti region of Mali, are expected to view the film, hear radio programmes and use the brochures.

This film was produced by Sahel Eco with funding from The International Tree Foundation who are a UK charity.

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