I can not contain the emotions that I felt the moment I saw walking down the aisle of the Holy Rosary Church in Boracay my dear friend John Paul whom we fondly call Jaypee. We have been friends and classmates since our elementary days. He introduced me to many things from toyomansi to a native back-pack which he toted during our late elementary years to highschool. He is a non-conformist and quirkily-creative. He loved the arts, music and dance. He was many things and one of them was being kind-hearted. He was a ready shoulders to cry on during our later years. I had many tears and woes shared with him and he would always give the soundest and most sensible advices. Our other friends know that about him which made them love him even more. Tates is a blessing to complete Jaypee's successes. She has been a constant companion and ally. A perfect complement to what Jaypee is as a man and as a professional and now as his other half.

They shared a wonderful many years of friendship (which was for me, the key to their now wonderful life together) before they found the realization that they have been fated to meet, work together and fall in love with each other. Not many have had that opportunity and my friend and my brand-new sister were blessed to have found each other.

So this is how it feels to see a brother (he is the closest for me to having one) walk down the aisle to his forever - I felt a smile drawing in my lips, my heart skipping at every interval of a beat, and had the urge to grab him right in the middle of the aisle and hug him while telling him: " You've done it! I'm so overwhelmingly happy for you!" This is the rawest emotion I have ever felt while covering a wedding. Thanks Jaypee and Tates for giving me the chance to shoot you at your wedding. Thank God I managed to stop myself from crying and snatching him right at his processional.

In behalf of the greatest wedding coverage team in the whole wide world, my Lightshapers team led by Gerald Baria (soon-to-be Phils' top wedding film-maker extraordinaire), Wilbert Lamasan (the eye behind the A900), Chris Escasinas, Ricky Reformina, Diane Prado, Dong De Guzman, Cathy Tando (the backbone that propped the team every waking moment, in good times and in bad) and my bud, natural-born photog Doc Diego Lee, we wish you a long and happy life together, Jaypee and Tates Garcia!

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