On 26th of March I had a very interesting Live-Stream with a lot of great friends and experts. Then, suddenly my "show" was hacked and I couldn´t continue for some time. But Russ Tanner helped me out and made it possible to reconnect on Skype and we could add Anthony J Hilder. You have to listen to him. Anthony knows a lot of the NWO and what is going on. My voice was still hacked and because of the intruder you will hear an "echo-effect". But I could edit the whole thing and cut out the disturbing parts. Now, after some time finally I could upload this video with a great sound-quality. Only the last 10 minutes I couldn´t recover, because I was kicked out completely even from my Live-Stream-Channel.

I hope you will take your time and listen everything. Feel free to share this video with your friends, on your facebook-walls, your websites and blogs. It´s very important to get the whole information out. Our lives are in danger and we have to act as soon as possible to save at least our children and future generations from this madness.

Thank you for watching (and listening).

You can add me on facebook (facebook.com/projectlightsout) or write me an email (projectlightsout@gmail.com) or leave a comment here or send me a private message to my YouTube-account (youtube.com/lightsout9999 - where you also can find a lot of informative videos), if you are interested in participating on one of my future Live-Stream-Events.

Thank you.

P.D. Here Anthony´s links:

Anthony J Hilder Videos Every Wednesday On UK Paradigm Shift TV Sky CH 203 9pm GMT & simulcast on the Net:



@anthonyjhilder twitter.com






Anthony´s email: anthonyjhilder@hotmail.com (Please state in the title to "Mr Hilder")

Anthony J Hilder - Pioneer Conspiracy Researcher, Film Maker, and World Wide speaker and Whistleblower on the Illuminati and New World Order.

Ourenglanduk.com is a cross Atlantic cooperative site...a link betweeen England and America. We are serving to keep our national sovereignty and spread the word that we know what is being done to take away our respective Nationality, Borders, and Culture. We are communicating between Continents now and sharing information that will Free Us. We know the agenda of the New World Order - it is to bring about a Global Government with abolition of all National Sovereignty for all time for all people. Distance is no longer a problem and through the technology of the internet we are driving back efforts to dismantle our Countrys. The time is now and through this site we will reveal the enemy within. There is a war against us. It is scientifically directed by organizations such as: The Royal Institute Of International Affairs in London, The Council On Foreign Relations in New York, The Trilateral Commission, and the Crimial Cashist Cabal . They control both England and America. The Politicians creation of currency and commerce through the privately owned Federal Reserve System and the Bank Of England. The politicians in both Parliament and the Congress of the United States are controlled by the money monopoly which creates their currencies and controls our commerce through the privately owned Federal Reserve System and the Bank Of England.

This website is designed for those actively involved in giving the island nation sovereignty and independence unlike ever witnessed before. Our goal is to Thrive not just survive. We would like to set up camera crews to tour the UK gathering testimony of witnesses to the purposeful destruction of the country for distribution around the world for all to see and fight back in this way. Tours for well known speakers will take place. Please join us and contribute to this effort on the Contact Page. THIS SITE WILL KEEP EVOLVING OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS, and we are digging up the dirt on the common criminals who run the world behind the scenes.
email: ourenglanduk@hotmail.com

Anthony J. Hilder is the creator of “The Free World Alliance.” He is dedicated and determined to alter the course of “Planet Earth” by destroying the Illuminati capacity to carry out their crimes “under the cover” of darkness. These Vamparian Bloodsuckers cannot exist in the Light of Day. As a Talk Show Host, Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent, Anthony J. Hilder, has done approximately 17,000 interviews over the past 30 years – working 24/7 to bring his dream of a Free World into being. Always controversial, always original, always in the fight for freedom – he continues this life-long goal. Hilder is the Author of THE FREE WORLD As a Talk Show Host, Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent, Anthony J. Hilder, has done approximately more...17,000 interviews over the past 35 years. He is the Author of THE WAR LORDS OF WASHINGTON and THE FREE WORLD MANIFESTO. Hilder's goal is to insight a Revelation to avoid a Revolution and form an alliance of independent Tribal, Linguistic, Religious, Political, Ethnic and Racial Nation States in opposition to the United Nations.

Anthony J. Hilder is the producer of more than 18 video documentaries including Alien 51, Illuminazi 911 and Millennium 2000. One of his most recent films, 911 - THE GREATEST LIE EVER SOLD is, according to Anthony, a film about madness, mayhem and mass murder. 911 is about the greatest Con Job the world has ever known. It's about LIES, DECEPTION, CRIME, CORRUPTION, CRUELTY & THEFT as never before known in human history. It's about Satanic Ceremonial Sacrifice. It's about Torture. It's about controlling the supply of Heroin. It's about Oil. It's about establishing a Luciferian NEW WORLD ORDER for "A THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT." This film is about an Alliance of the Legitimate Left & Right coming together - exposing an Evilarchy which rules from the Center. But it's also about hope.

Anthony J. Hilder produced the Illuminati CFR Records in 1967. It was an enormous seller and the first recorded Expose of the Illuminati in the history of the World. Hilder was the Executive Vice President of Laird International Pictures, the same film studio which produced Gone With The Wind, Citizen Kane, The Greatest Story Ever Told and the original King Kong. He has been an Investigative Journalist, War Correspondent, Syndicated Talk-Show Host and did the Star Endorsements for Senator George Murphy & Senator Barry Goldwater. He is the Producer of 32 Documentaries, including 9-11 the Greatest Lie Ever Sold, which is in 23 countries and 7 languages. He is the producer of Frankenfed- the Monster Amongst Us, Skull & Bones - the Catholic Connection, the New World Odor, and Reischstag 95 with Ted Gunderson. Hilder is the Author of the War Lords of Washington with Colonel Curtis B. Dahl, President Roosevelt's late son-in-law. Hilder has created the Freeworld Alliance, the antithesis to the United Nations. It calls for the formal recognition and independence for the Tribal, Linguistic, Racial, Religious, Political & Ethnic Nation States. Hilder's goal is to incite a Revelation - to avoid a Revolution.

And here some links and information about Roxy Lopez (The part of her I will upload separated):




Russ Tanner´s links:



P.D. The first part of this Live-Stream-Event is here: vimeo.com/41735671

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