Are you adventurous and ambitious while shooting video with your DSLR camera or HD film camera? Do you want to increase the value or your video? In what way can you keep the attention of the audience? The ProAm DVC50 4'Compact Camera Crane is the ideal camera support, designed to help you achieve your goal.
Use the compact camera crane/jib to get closer to action and see the subjects from every imaginable angle. Regardless of whether you are taking stills with your DSLR camera or shooting a film using your DV camera, you will be able to reach those awkward and unreproducible angles with the ProAm DVC50 compact camera crane/jib easily.

All you need is a ProAm DVC50 to offer much better, innovative and professional quality work. Captivate the viewer with a swooping crane shot!

The ProAm DVC50 can be used as a DSLR camera or a HD video camera crane/jib. It is 4ft (1.22m) long and supports all cameras which are less than 8 lbs (3.63kg) in weight very securely. It is exceptionally useful for tight, enclosed spaces with its sleek and chic design.

The maximum extension of the camera when fixed to ProAm DVC50 4'is 3ft (90cm) and the minimum is 2ft (60cm). The fulcrum can be moved to 1 of 4 positions. When mounted to a 'ProAm Crane Stand' or any strong tripod, you can attach the ProAm DVC50 Compact Camera Crane/Jib and extend your camera to a height of 9ft (2.75m)!

Once you have fixed and mounted your DSLR or DV video camera to the Camera Crane/Jib, the auto-tilt feature of the ProAm DVC50 ensures that your camera stays at that level and horizontal position all the time. You will just need to place right quantity of counterweights behind the ProAm DVC50 to allow effortless movements. Another major feature is that no assembly or tools are required as ProAm DVC50 Mini Camera Crane/Jib is fully assembled when delivered to you. There is also a large friction knob to adjust the drag on the arm while tilting.

Top quality lightweight materials, scratch-resistant powder coating, combined with the high strength aluminum design ensures the durability of the ProAm DVC50 camera crane. The tripod mount is made from steel to prevent stripping of the threads when mounting to your tripod head.

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