New test for the hyper-res tool Im working on. Consider this to be alpha actually works pretty well. What has to be improved is the explosion-like behavior in some areas...currently the resolution ratio is about 1:100 (core simulation and detail simulation).

There is no cache mode used...all native in one single simulation, 5-30 substeps and stable. Resolution is only increased outside of the core fluid (unless an object interacts with the core underneath the surface and creates bubbles, of course). You get full particle-to-particle interaction between core and detail, unlike with hybrido. Results hardly change with resolution change. When rendering the particles it does not look like so many explosions, unless I use velocity-shading for the particles too. Which is the case in this preview. No vorticity computed or needed. Particles for later mist-emission and bubble-emission (in lets say Maya or C4D or others) are automatically created and can also be extracted manually after the sim. The water also splits as it mixes with air at high velociies (like with a waterfall), which is what you see in the beginning of the sim. The Water-Block I used (blue fluid, core), is 50x150x100 meters, so the water falls from like 150 meters. Quite realistic imo...and with mist it should look great.

So next: Make more res possible, make foam, make explosion-like appearance disappear^^

Sim times are ok...this is a prototype and final C++ execution of the tool should increase performance a good deal I hope. Of course RF does not use 100% of available ressources, average here was 35-40%.

Watch i HD and enjoy.

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