I have hesitated to share this short film, it is very personal and is unlike any of the other adventures I have shared. But after 6 weeks I think I am ready. My films have always been about cool adventures with happy endings, but this story has a sad and tragic ending.

On January 15th 2012, Carlyle Norman, an incredible friend, ex-girlfriend and inspirational human being was struck by a rock while climbing in Patagonia, Argentina. She died 24 hours later.

I was crushed when I heard the news.

Even though I was no longer in a relationship with Carlyle, as a friend and a fellow climber, I felt like I had an obligation to go into the mountains and put her body to rest. I knew that doing this would have a strong impact on me and would potentially deepen the pain I already felt. But I still needed to go.

To help me along my journey I brought one of Carlyle’s favorite friends. Little Bear. Some people would call this little white polar bear a ‘transitional object’. I called him a companion and friend.

Here is his story.

Produced: Joshua Lavigne

Music: Bahamas, Pink Strat, Whole, Wide, World

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