quick 15 minute demo of arpeggiator uses.
nearly all of the basslines, hi hat patterns, & other percussion patterns were made from arpeggiated patterns from the proteus 2500.
basslines arped into the mpc sequencer live, then edited for mistakes, then sent to a synth (AN1x).
Then some hi hat & percussion patterns recorded to mpc tracks, & playing samples inside the mpc,
and some hi hat & percussion patterns & sounds live, using the midi keyboard (AN1x) to trigger the Proteus 2500's arps & sounds.
These are set out with 6 tracks (can do 32) on the proteus, each with a sound set (hi hats1, 2, congas, bells, miscellaneous, & perky things) and a quantized arp assigned to it, so just changing the midi send channelof the AN1x changes what sound/pattern the keyboard triggers.
on any percussion you can bang around on the keyboard, & as long as there's no nasties in the sound set, it's very difficult to mess up. you don't have to just press one key at a time either. just bang around & find new patterns within patterns. all quantized. the arp re-triggers each time you press a key. you can flip through arp patterns too. It doesn't matter if it's a shit 'tune' if it's playing random percussion sounds, does it? it's the rhythm of the arp that counts.
'misc' & 'perky things' soundsets are great for more glitchy elecro type stuff.
I'm pretty sure you must be able to do the same in a DAW. computer & midi keyboard. Either for live improv of drums, or just inspiration for radical new drum patterns, even if you just copy & paste the good bits ;)
Ace for stage performance, cos you get to bang around on a keyboard like you know what you're doing! :D

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