- Life can become a colorless routine.. So we decided 't was time for an experiment, of sorts... We placed envelopes, and boxes tied to a rope, with strange or mysterious writing on different places in the city. Hidden in those envelopes were one of our cds and a note, thanking the "lucky finders" for the "risk" of opening that package... PS: If you were one of those, let us know ;) - Call us crazy, but we sure had fun breaking our daily routine!

One of the main reasons behind the idea was that people often fall into routines, and forget to open their eyes for opportunities. Some studies and experiments show that when people are aware, and when they’re open to opportunities in general (such as helping people, taking a survey, or taking other risks), they say that they experience to have more luck in life.

Basically, in the first place, we wanted people to be confused, baffled.. We wanted people to look up, feel weird, or make them feel good by them daring to “take the risk”.. Secondly, by making these videos, we wanted to try and communicate that being aware of your surroundings and people around you, can be valuable.

The experiments were done in April and May 2012 at Antwerp City. We and documented it on video (see below). We might do this again – so keep your eyes open for opportunities – in whatever form they come, from us or from others!

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