Warning... the following film has mature content, viewer discretion is advised, not for little children.
For Friends of Bill.. this movie is very graphic and there will be a censored version available shortly if you do not want to watch scenes of suggested drug use.

This is the ill fated story of three lost souls. Each has their own struggle with the disease of addiction, and this is the story of their own personal despair. Will anyone survive the Fire Sermon?


Christopher B.
Tanya E.
Dimitry G.
Christy M.
Ryan M.

additional music by River Gypsies

This film was made to bring to light the nature of drug addiction and mental disorders. In my opinion almost everyone has experience with this issue either first hand, or through someone they know. Ever since this class started I knew my direction for my films would be going in this direction, and my pieces have all been leading up to this film. I wanted to do a narrative, and this was the first time I actually had my characters talk. This is the story of three addicts, one speed/ecstasy/schizophrenic, one heroin, and one alcohol and cocaine. The other two characters are metaphors for addiction, played by the man in the gas mask, and the angel of death, played by the women with butterfly wings and wearing a venetian mask. Throughout the film these two metaphors appear to the viewer, but the characters cannot see them. This is a very close subject to me, and have seen many friends go from this disease. The opening shot they are watching the 'addiction' and 'death' on a television, in a trance, then the metaphors appear in the room, showing that they are just waiting for them. Parts of the film get graphic, and that was kind of the point, that is the stuff that happens in real life, and I did not want to sugarcoat this subject. There is no post effects done to the shots, in terms of levels or after effects, just straight editing. I plan to continue to work on this piece to have all the shots match in terms of lighting. In the opening scene there are some discretions with the lighting in the shot/reverse shot between the characters watching the tv and the reverse. The soundtrack in a mixture of MAX/MSP programs, and other music concrete materials, and also includes a song from my band River Gypsies during the heroin addicts dream sequence. Please note that no narcotics or alcohol was used at any point in this film, even the super graphic shot with the needle. No matter what your take on this issue is, I wanted to evoke an emotion within you, and the response I was going for was uncomfortable/ eerie /suspenseful. The actors have all dealt with their own demons, and that is why I chose them to participate in this production. There is a solution, and people can get better. The name of the film comes from the T D Eliot poem, The Waste Land.

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