Atelie leaders: Dashndam

Expanding on the current popularity of the two TV series based in Split: Ruza Vjetrova and Larin izbor, we created a worst case scenario in which the city, facing economic meltdown, receives an offer from a television network ‘Good Life Entertainment’, to transform itself into a giant interactive TV and on-line programme as a means of saving the inhabitants from poverty and unemployment.
The city and its citizens are recorded via thousands of cctv cameras, drones and mobile camera crews. They have to dramatize their lives in order to engage viewers, encouraged by the fact that the more followers they have the more money they can earn and the more time, money and sophisticated filming techniques will be used to document their lives.
To illustrate Splitopia’s infrastructure and speculate on possible implications, we employed the format of an instructional video based on the cold war civil defence film ‘Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow’ (1956). Centred on artefacts, products, posters, and scripted performances, the film creates a vivid picture of what life would be like for a citizen of ‘Splitopia’.

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