On last saturday the best german breakers met for history to be made. And while they had immense pressure on them so had our production team. Because we had to produce this whole spot in one night, we worked under the influence of too much caffeeine, not enough sleep but a lot of fun.

Our production team was awesome and we produced the clip while shooting and vice versa.

Together with Frank Sauer and Julian Glöckner we got it in the morning.

The even was great, the pressure and tension was amazing and the crowd was going crazy.

We filmed this with 2x Ex1 and 2x GH2.

We just used the best lenses available for the GH2´s and they were hacked on 88 Mbit of course.

Now do not think too much about technical details, but give it a look.

Subtitled version will come within the next 2 days.

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