To us, sustainability isn't just about caring for the planet -- it's about caring for people too.

At Woolworth's we're pleased to say that the 100% African-grown organic coffee sold in our cafés now comes with an added ingredient: a fair deal for the people who produce it -- certified by Fairtrade, the most recognised and trusted ethical certification system in the world. Fairtrade actively tackles poverty and empowers small-scale farmers to make sure that communities and groups -- like the more than 60 000 farmers in Tanzania and Ethiopia who grow our organic coffee-- get a fair return for their work by:

• Ensuring better trading, working and living conditions
• Providing additional income for community development projects
• Supporting sustainable production and protection of the environment

We like to look at it this way: coffee grown by people who get a fair deal for their hard work must not only taste better, but makes you feel better too.

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