***Audience Choice Award ZERO FILM FESTIVAL***

"What might be the end of a relationship at what may be the end of the world."

Teaser trailer for the 16mm short film "How Will We Cross the Seas?" written and directed by Shaun Seneviratne.

Political unrest and apocalyptic proclamations unfold on the news as a skeptical young married couple watch in their Brooklyn apartment on December 20, 2012 -- hours before the supposed end of the world.

Jeff, a folk musician, embarks on a short tour while Lynn, a school teacher, stays home to grade papers. But as the day goes on, feelings of paranoia and abandonment set in and begins to manifest itself in ways Jeff can’t begin to understand. In a world that seems hell bent on destroying itself, can this young couple avoid the same fate?

"How Will We Cross the Seas?" is a short film about communication and empathy; the pursuit of happiness; and the fear of dying alone set against the backdrop of a world that reflects our current political climate of disenchantment and revolution.

Features the song "Under Your Thumb" by Brian Bond. Check out his beautiful music here: brianbond.bandcamp.com/

News footage was shot by Leonardo Rinaldo Ferri. Here is the original video: vimeo.com/30619468

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