denzel minipetite b a t h t u b happymeal
DraftWorks at
DanSpace Projects
by Ishmael Houston Jones

denzel bathtub began as a 5 minute party piece for AUNTS Regular. it evolved as a loose parody of my Fresh Tracks piece called denzel again and developed into what i have conceptualized as the psychosis of denzel again. or rather the subtext that existed in that piece no one was able to hear. playing
with elements of voguing, shade, post-modern movement ideas, pop music (including bach)
and racial tension allows the work to realize its relevance to my current questions with transgender and queer identities and how they intersect with blackness.

performances by niv Acosta, Cason Bolton Junior, Meghan Milam, and Geo Wyeth
filmed by Slava Osowska
lighting by Elizabeth Edwards
music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Curtis Mayfield, Azealia Banks

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