This is not a short. It is not even a test short — it’s a behind-the-scenes of a test short.

My co-everything on The West Side (, Zack Lieberman, was shooting a test short in 3D on a little prosumer Sony camcorder. I had just purchased some BNCR-mount Canon K35 prime lenses (used — they’re 35 years old) and so Zack’s test shoot was a perfect chance to get some face time not only with the SCARLET, but also the new (to me) lenses. Essentially, we reversed the usual production/behind-the-scenes lineup, so the actual test short (which will have some day-for-night and 3D After Effects work) was shot on an inexpensive prosumer camera and the behind-the-scenes was shot on a higher-end RED camera. And it’s not really even a behind-the-scenes — just me grabbing shots throughout the day at various frame rates and focal lengths.

Featuring Zuzanna Buchwald, Kalen Norton, Bryan Tuckman, Emily Mode, and Rahil Patel.

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