The Norbergfestival association proudly presents the first part of the lineup for Norbergfestival 2012.

Confirmed artists:

Hardfloor (DE)
Few germans represents acid and its sound as Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker, together known as Hardfloor. With over twenty years of experience as musicians, tunes like Acperience and Hardfloor will survive and probably the best New Order remix in the world, there is no doubt that the Cologne duo will rock the kraftwerk stage, from the first bassline to the last.

The Bug feat Daddy Freddy (UK)
Kevin Martin has successfully moved between most of the genres within the modern elektronic musikscene using aliases as King Midas Sound, Techno Animal and God. At Norbergfestival he will appear as The Bug and deliver fierce basses and beats, all backed up by MC Daddy Freddy.

Jesper Dahlbäck (SWE)
As one of the producers who created the swedish techno sound in the nineties, Jesper Dahlbäck is always relevant to the scene. Wether he´s doing studiosessions with his colleagues Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer, produces his cousin John Dahlbäck or turning up the heat on the worlds dansfloors, Jesper allways delivers high quality music.

Nima Khak (SWE)
Nima Khak is on of the leaders of the new swedish techno scene and with releases on labels such as Drumcode and gigs at places like Berghain, he is definitely headed somewhere really big. We are very pleased to be able to present Nime Khak at Norbergfestival

Carbon Based Lifeform (SWE)
Gothenburg based Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad, aka Carbon Based Lifeform, have always gone their own way in the electronic musical landscape. Their music has been described as acid ambient and we are really looking forward to hearing their liveset in the, to say the least, special acoustic architeture of the Mimerbuilding at Norbergfestival.

Kettel (NL)
Kettel is a classicaly trained musician, inspired by legends such as Aphex twin and Plaid. His liveset is described as playful, containing beutiful melodies combined with heavy acid sounds, breakbeats and wierd samples and will make a great addition to the festival.

Michael Forshaw (UK)
Blackpool's Michael Forshaw is a long time favourite of ours, thanks to his energetic and experimental version of techno. And we believe that he will have a lot of new fans after his combined live/DJ-set at the kraftwerk stage.

Bill Youngman (DE)
Ever since Bill Youngman started to produce his own music, he has always focused on presenting it live, using the synthesizers and drummachines in his own unique way and we are really glad to have Bill performing at Norbergfestival.

Trevor Wishart (UK): Encounters in the Republic of Heaven - Presented by Audiorama
Trevor Wishart is no ordinary sound artist. At least not when it comes to his ability to capture an audience. Reports from previous performances have been using words like “spellbinding” and “traveling to different worlds”. We have no reason to doubt that his work will sound amazing in the 8-channel room at Norbergfestival.

.Following artists and DJ´s are also confirmed for Norbergfestival 2012

Clubroot (UK), Dave Tarrida (AT), Buchla Boys (SWE), Erik Peters (SWE), Henrik Björlin (SWE), I am trip (SWE), Lemieux (SWE), Linus Minus (SWE), Magnus Bunnskog (SWE), Medina Green (SWE), Noyeahno (UK), Ole Brolin (DE), Peel MD (SWE), Solitude (UK), Teutonic Kaboom (UK) och Vaetxh (UK)

Video made by Micael Petterson

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