première 16th of march 2012
22 minutes
light by remco van wely
produced by dansateliers / conny janssen danst
camera paul sixta

"i’m your private dancer, a dancer for money, i do what you want me to do."

a political work in which six sexy performers are bound to a mathemetical, precise and exhausting 20 minute series of jumps.
The dancer as a purely executing species, trying to remain vain, elegant and idle.
Contemporary dance as a strip-tease for the upper-class?

pretty perfect is raising questions about the role of a dancer, a choreographer, an audience and the culture policy nowadays. About the thin line between art and entertainment.

The work was created for BRAND NEW #3, a production where in three young choreographers get the chance to create a work for the dancers of the established Conny Janssen Danst company.

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