Set in the dark futuristic world of Pearl City year 2040, “MALACHI
IX” is a sci-fi supernatural drama about an alcoholic priest
consumed with rage who struggles with the vow he has made
to protect the city from vicious vampires and his lack of faith
in the human race. His commitment is tainted by the breach
of the blood source treaty, made 900 years ago, between the
two governing bodies, the Holy Order Church and the Royal
Republic of the Vicoy, inciting vampires to attack and leaving
Malachi IX with no choice but to resentfully fulfill his commitment.
Unfortunately, his crimes negligently executed push Daren
Corbet, an arrogant but brilliant detective, to involve Malachi
IX in his investigation to find the murderer. Daren’s only clue has
been a list of seven names! Six of which are already dead… The
seventh, Katlin Stone, is the name of a beautiful mysterious blood
lab scientist, who he believes will be the next victim of the serial
killer. Will he realize in time that “MALACHI IX” is the killer he
desperately wants to catch?

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