Uploaded by pymusictube on May 8, 2012
Director: Simone Pellegrini, Editor & VisualFX: Giorgio Gremigni, 2nd Camera: Andrew Barone, Assist. Camera: Laura Marcato.

Available to download now from soundcloud.com/pymusic

Taken from 'Tripping on Wisdom'
Mixtape released 21/05/2012
On Cassette and Facebook Like to Download

Preparing for what is sure to be an inevitable thrust into the limelight with the release of 'Tripping On Wisdom' on 21st May, Py now shares lead single 'Lungs' produced by George FitzGerald.

Centred around love as a destructive concept, 'Lungs' acknowledges that where love exists, so does jealous and cheat; that when you love someone, your very essence of being is controlled by them.

Taken from her mixtape 'Tripping On Wisdom', it marries Py's astounding voice with production by the likes of Breton, Throwing Snow, Greenwood Sharps, iO, Damu and Raffertie alongside Caspar Kedros who helped to mix the collection of tracks with Py.

'Tripping On Wisdom' will be available to download for free via;

24th May -- Yo Yo @ Notting Hill Arts Club
31st May - The Scala - Supporting Belleruche London
21st July -- Soundwave Festival (with Throwing Snow)

Web: pymusic.co.uk/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/pymusic
Facebook: facebook.com/pypage
Twitter: twitter.com/Py_tweets
Tumblr: pymusic.tumblr.com/

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