Eleven minutes of excerpts from a debate put on by the Monthly Argument (Melbourne, Australia)
April 12, 2012. To find out more about the Monthly Argument go to : themonthlyargument.wordpress.com/

The Finkelstein Report: A threat to freedom of speech?


Chris Berg (Research Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs. He is a regular columnist with the Sunday Age and ABC’s The Drum, covering cultural, political and economic issues. He doesn't like the recommendations of the Finkelstein report one little bit. because he "cares about freedom of speech almost above all other rights".

Barry York (historian who sometimes blogs at Strange Times (strangetimes.lastsuperpower.net/) ). He’s a leftist who would "love to see a return to the rebellious, irreverent and highly offensive spirit of the 1960s" and is strongly opposed to any attempt to regulate public debate and what can be said in the media.


Stephen Mayne ( a director of the Australian Shareholders’ Association, columnist, business journalist, local councillor and publisher of The Mayne Report. Mayne launched Crikey in February 2000, then sold it in 2005 but remains a Crikey contributor. He’s favourably disposed toward the recommendations for media regulation outlined in the recently released Finkelstein Report.)

Alexandra Wake (A journalist for 25 years, currently working as freelance editor and news reader at Radio Australia (the ABC’s international broadcaster).  She’s supportive of the recommendations of the Finkelstein Report for a number of reasons but in particular because of concerns about  a small number of people having ‘an inappropriate amount of influence in the media”.)


Arthur Dent (formerly known as Albert Langer) Note: Mr.Dent took on this role because the person who would have chaired this debate had been taken ill. He opened the debate by pointing out that he was not neutral on this issue (Is strongly opposed to the Fink Report) and urged the "No" team to object, or ask for his removal from the Chair if he over-stepped his role as Chairperson.

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