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"Graffiti Talks" is a web series produced by Kelli Kieley and James Gen Meers as part of their upcoming documentary Between The Lines.

The web series is produced in partnership with, and is the first web series presented by the award-winning online magazine.

Between the Lines is a documentary about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's war on graffiti and its impact on the City, artists and citizens. It examines Toronto's current graffiti and street art story in the context of the global movement.
The documentary is in production and will be released in 2013.
"Graffiti Talks" the web series differs in style and story-line, but presents a great opportunity to share some footage and raise awareness about the film project, as well as to showcase the scene in Toronto. Featuring well-known Toronto graf writers and a host of amazing Toronto based music, the film and web series celebrates Toronto culture.
Pascal Paquette's profile on "Graffiti Talks" premiered on on May 2/12.
The Producers would like to extend their extreme gratitude to all the crew, to their partners, and to the talented and amazing Toronto-based musical partners:
Elliott Brood -
Run With the Kittens:
The Roncy Boys:
The Team:
Kelli Kieley - Co-Producer/Co-director
James Gen Meers - Co-Producer
Jake Chirico - Co-director/Cinematographer
Andrew Cromey - Editing and Effects, Website design (Siren Films)
David Magnusson - Sound Design
Kawai Lam - Researcher, Social Media
Additional Camera: Sabre Walker, William Suarez, Nekhat Ahmed

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