Taught by Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Dean and Paley Professor, and Bob Yaro, this year’s studio builds upon the past work of the PennDesign 2010 and 2011 studios which focused on the design and implementation of high-speed rail in the Northeast Megaregion. The 2012 studio uses lessons learned from these past studios to put forth a series of strategies to improve connections and expand transportation capacity across the Northeast, support an integrated financing approach, encourage economic growth and development, and provide the benefits of this investment to a wide variety of stakeholders.

2012 participants:

Ryan Bash
Andrew Bean
Ella Carney
Alexandra Church
Liza Cohen
Christopher DiPrima
David Dobkin Brooke Fotheringham
Tina Hu
Sandy Ngan
Katherine Olson
Rachel Strauss
Maggie Wood
Ema Yamamoto

The studio would like to extend its gratitude to the instructors Marilyn Jordan Taylor and Bob Yaro for their guidance in producing this report. The studio would also like to thank the distinguished team of professional advisors who provided invaluable insight throughout the semester.

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