Once upon a time, a girl, a not so little girl, wondered why
her insatiable appetite for tea just wasn’t quite satisfied.
She certainly had pretty cups, and oh yes,
she had sparkling teapots.
She had comfortable chairs and golden spoons
her grandmother had bequeathed her.
It was, though, not much fun to drink tea alone.

And, if truth be told, she loved discussing
issues of the day.
This not so little girl decided to start a secret society,
of tea drinkers and conversationalists.
Since her father had always told her she was a dreamer,
it was not at all unusual
for her to envision such a scheme.
Yes, a society where smart, savvy ladies would gather,
engage in fascinating discourse,
laugh, and drink, of all things, tea.
Oh, and did I forget to mention that this not so little girl loves to travel?
She searches the world over for scrumptious and exotic teas which she pairs with delightful desserts.
Won’t you please join in?
For a small donation to the society, you may sip tea, enjoy a tasty treat,
wrap yourself in stimulating conversation and leave,
invigorated, with perhaps more questions than answers.
And that is a wondrous thing.

Song: Brambles by Jónsi

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