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One of the remarkable ceremonies in a Hindu Balinese life is tooth filing. When girls get their first menstruation and boys voice changes, they let their teeth file. It is called 'Matatah' in common Balinese. It is believed that pointed teeth are related to animal characters, witches, or bad evils. So, in order to be fully human, the teeth should be filed. Tooth filing is also done to reduce six evil spirits within a human being, called 'Sad Ripu’. 'Sad' means six and 'Ripu' means 'enemy'. They are Kama (desire), Loba (greed). Kroda (anger), Mada (intoxication), Moha (confusion) and Matsarya (jealousy). After filing, a father's duties to his female children are generally regarded as complete. This mini-doc shows this ceremony from a smaller family in the mountains between Candidasa and BugBug. To save high costs for an extra ceremony (priest, dentist (!), food, drinks, pigs, tuak, rice, coconut fruits, etc) these happenings also sometimes take place during a wedding or like in this case with another very remarkable ceremony of baptizing a little baby. Balinese children are not allowed to stand on their feet for 210 days. I will show in Part 3.

All shots from one camera Sony FX1000.
Camera and Editing Jan van der Meer

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