A short about something I'm not very good at.

Sound may be too low, but as usual I can't really tell because my speakers make the whole floor shake regardless of what's going on. Sometimes I think they do it just for kicks too.
(I may upload a louder version if it's really that low though).

Once again, much love to these most fabulous of people on freesound.org for making sound goodness:
Dan Oberbauer (aka DJ Chronos), The Baron, sribubba, klankbeeld, swelk, Benboncan

Also thanks to Samantha Leriche-Gionet for the feedback.

This short was a bit of an experiment with cut-out animation, and to see how fast I could get something simple done from scratch. I wanted to get this thing uploaded sooner, but a number of things conspired to keep me from doing it (including: nice weather, drunkenness, heavy lifting, civic duties, slow computers and naked people protesting down the street).
Total time was about sixteen days; actual production time was seven so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered. Definitely some things to fix, but compromises had to be made, and I used like a bajillion precomps which drain all joy from your heart forever (and make it really frustrating to preview things).
Production details and additional rambling on my blawg:

It was actually supposed to loop at the end, but it involved some basic math knowledge and/or patience, neither of which I appear to have. You know what I do have though? Pringles. Man I love pringles.

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