CO/DIRECTOR is inspired by the desire to create an immersive, cinematic experience that cannot be distinguished from a dream.

Multiple abstracted narratives across three screens are threaded together by the viewer into an interactive experience. The viewer navigates through a series of moving images by choosing one of the three videos with their eyes. Each video depicts people, places and textures from the ‘spaces in-between’: transitory empty spaces and destinations without geographic reference.

As viewers move through the interactive narrative of CO/DIRECTOR, they encounter nameless faces, unidentified textures, familiar objects and enveloping sounds. Eventually unifying threads emerge, enabling each viewer to stitch together their own personal narrative out of
endless possibilities.

Over 500 video clips are tagged based on their contents. A camera determines which of the three screens catches the viewer's attention and the tags of the associated clip are compared to all other tags in the database. The two clips with the most tags in common re-populate the other two screens, in this way the viewer can construct their own dream-like narrative.

Various groupings of clips have specific music associated with them and sound design is recorded for each clip and panned to the left, middle, or right depending on in which screen its clip is located. Sometimes both the music and sound bleed into other clips, creating new context and meaning.

[this 2:30 minute documentation video represents one of nearly-infinite possible permutations]

500+ original film clips, 15 seconds each with corresponding, panned sound design and music.

MAX/MSP, Processing, Webcam.
3 LCD screens in portrait orientation.

Special Thanks to the following people: Gabe Barcia-Colombo, Katherine Dillon, Scott Fitzgerald, Patrick Hebron, Tom Igoe, Tony Lim, Rune Madsen, Brett Murphy, Patrick Proctor, Michael Rosen, Eric Rosenthal, Danny Rozin, Eva Scofield, Miriam Simun, Vade.

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