Ed Sheeran - Give me love

"To my loveliest one and only..
if you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel,
I will put a star and a lantern to help you find your way;
If you can't hear the beauty of you inner voice,
I will sing you a song to remind you of the wisdom of your heart;
If you can't believe in rainbows or happy endings,
I will tell you a story where your dreams touches the sky;
If you cant feel the warmth of all the people who love you,
I will give you a hug big enough for all of them"

Saying I love you has never been this easy, of course if it's real and true.

If you don't believe in happily ever after, watch this video and I promise that your heart will truly melt for these two. Witness one of the most creative proposals also featured in this video. Epic shots, epic place, epic couple and of course epic love! Cheers everyone! :)

Big thanks to Leo Nicolas and Christian Andaya for helping us during the shoot. You guys rock! :)

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