Henry has been acting the human chameleon all his life - a pale reflection of other people's expectations. One day Henry's best friend Jon talks him into opening a restaurant with him in Spain. Before leaving Henry is caught up in a maelstrom of bizarre events. In order to get control over his life Henry needs to stop being a pale copy and transform himself to the sparkling original he really is. A journey, which requires both a passport and trip into his own twisted mind. And a journey which lay bare the path to love in the most unexpected places.

Sverrir Gudnason, Tuva Novotny, David Dencik, Jesper Christensen, Ghita Nørby, Dejan Cukic, Charlotte Fich, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Krepper, Helle Fagralid, Eric Ericson, Saga Gärde, Therese Glahn, Michalis Koutsogiannakis.

Directed by Antonio Tublén & Alexander Brøndsted

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