This caravan has been our office space for 1 year now. From here, the team has organized intensives and retreats, created building plans for Monte Sahaja, kept the website up and running, transcribed and edited Satsang material for books, Youtubes and podcasts, and Mooji has shared Skype Satsangs and live Satsang broadcasts worldwide.
In many ways, this office is a miracle. There is no landline electricity at Monte Sahaja, so solar panels provide electricity to all our laptops, mobile phones, drill batteries, and audio visual recording devices. It has provided a dry and warm place to work during the rains, has the most beautiful view, and has been our internet hub and way to connect with the ‘outer’ world.
However, with a growing number of people on the land and an increase of activities associated with building an Ashram, it is the time to build a larger and more stable office so that the work can continue in an easier and more efficient way.
It has been at times very challenging, but also humorous to work in such a space. The comical video above is a slight exaggeration, but it’s not far from the truth of the Monte Sahaja office work conditions!

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