ISOLATES (2012) is an action/drama film that explores the relationship between a female super-soldier, Delphe, and a compassionate doctor by the name of Dr. Maroc.

Following her recent escape from The Agency, Dr. Maroc is compelled to help track Delphe down and persuade her to return peacefully. He and his team capture her in an abandoned building, where he coaxes her to give herself up. Delphe, unwilling to return to being a prisoner, breaks loose and fights her way to freedom.

As the dust settles, Delphe and Dr. Maroc realise the tragic depth of their connection and are faced with the truth of what they hold dearest in their hearts.

Director: Allan Liang
Writers: Allan Liang & Shiyan Zheng
Producers: Allan Liang & Shiyan Zheng
Cinematography: Garfield Darlington
Production Design: Dylan O'Connor
Costume Design: Lynn Nguyen

Editor: Allan Liang
VFX Artist: Dave Katague
Sound Design: Joseph Dutaillis
Music: Adrian Hong

Twitter: @allan_liang
Website: Coming soon!

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